Thursday, 4 February 2016

2 stars and a wish!

What we did in 5 Khawarizmi last week- a lesson in paragraph-writing.

Topic: Paragraph-writing
Time: double-period
Materials : mah jongs, marker pens, lots of post-it notes in different colours, masking tape
1. Get SS to recall 6-7 words studied from previous lessons. (a mix of verbs and nouns)
2. Put SS in groups of four and give them mah jong papers, marker pens. ( I had 6 groups therefore 6 stations)
3. In groups, they create a story in one paragraph (Yes, one. The aim is quality)
4. Groups must underline the words chosen to show they have used them correctly.
5. Gallery Walk- SS rotate clockwise and evaluate other group's work. They use 2 stars (positive comments) and a wish (what/how the group can do better). I learned this in the Differentiated Learning Course by ELTECs. The idea is assessment for learning can be done in the classroom while activities are taking place. Assessment need not be done by the teacher all the time but can also be done by peers.What did I do? I underlined the errors made on the mah jong papers and highlight them to the group :)

Give it a try peeps!
Happy teaching!

Today SS learn how to assess their friend's work by awarding them 2 stars and a wish ")

Those who can DO, Those who can do more TEACH


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