Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Teacher Talk : Journaling

Been a while since I posted teacher talk matters. Here's one I received today :)


salam puan..how are you? i hope school is better this year compared to 2015 :) remember last year i wrote to you about journaling project? i actually started it out with my form 3 students this year (on the 2nd week of school). i asked the students to write once a week (and of course they can write more if they want to) My question is that, am i suppose to read and give comments only OR should i underline the mistakes that they did (without correcting them) ? im not sure what i need to do after reading all of their entries. hihi.. so far im enjoying myself because the students need to do all the hard work while i just need to mark once a month ( at least this can the only reason for them to write outside of the classroom) if its not too much to ask, can you share how you mark your ss journals? hope to hear from you soon. May ALLAH bless all your hard work (teaching the ss, sharing materials on your blog etc etc) 



A lovely journal by one of my girls in SMK Canossian Convent :)

My reply

Wassallam, i'm fine Alhamdulillah. Good to hear from you and happy to know that you are taking up journal writing ☺. Since you want to encourage ss to write, comments will be more suitable than endless underlinings. I would encourage writing fluency in this case. You can highlight some glaring errors if you want but i will not do it too often. That can be done in the other tasks you give them. I hope you dont mind me sharing this in my blog. Your name will be anonymous of course. All the best!

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