Saturday, 6 January 2018


Dear Form 1 teachers,
I know you're in the midst of preparing your RPH and SOW (over 100 pages woohoo good luck!) I'm teaching two Form1 classes this year and 2 Form 5's. Here are some useful links that might help and do yourselves a favour- go get that nescafe or something 😎😎😎 In my school, we had already submitted our Rancangan Harian for week 1 and next week we have to submit everything i.e RPH for Week 2 and the whole Fail Rekod Mengajar (with SOWs and what not). 

Take a deep breathe everyone. Don't know what has become of education but watch out for more paperwork. All that instruction that you MUST follow the SOW is an attempt at limiting my creativity as a teacher hmmm...but some say just's easy and fun 😖😖😖 Just looking at the SOW, already gave me a headache 😅 Having said that though, we must thank the CDC and the trainers for giving us a head start with the SOW. I'm trying to find time to look at them though while revising the strategic planning for the whole school...sob sob sob. May take ages to try and fathom that and to link it with the textbook. Looks like the entire 2018 will be devoted solely for the form 1's...forget about the form 5's. But in reality, school worries about SPM GPS all the time!

By the way, have you ploughed through Pulse 2..okay okay...skim through more likely 😊. I tried while having dengue fever...I was like lying in bed reading the first few pages and then I decided to put it down- sooooo much to digest and my headache caught up with me. That was the end of it till now 😇I'm pretty lucky because the form 1's have not registered so I will catch up with Pulse 2 (not my headache) again. Now that the MOE has decided on a Mat Salleh's textbook, we teachers need to really understand the textbook and the SOW.

I have to admit I was in the committee that looked into a range of Cambridge English books but I wasn't assigned Pulse 2 then. If you're going to take a book wholesale and plant it here in Malaysia, obviously there would be discrepancies especially in terms of content, wouldn't you agree? Now that 31 million has been spent on it, we need to justify the cost. Here's wishing all form 1 (and 2) teachers good luck! Complaining makes it worse so just try your best peeps...just try your best! This is my 31st year of teaching so if I can do it, so can you 😍😍😍

Happy teaching peeps!

Those who can DO, Those who can do more TEACH

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