Friday, 12 January 2018


Medical leave or not, I was in school yesterday briefing three senior asistants and their secretaries on the 2018 Annual Strategic Planning. We had a good discussion and I managed to explain the latest requirement from PPD Kluang on the need to extract from our current three year plan. I believe things have to be done properly and time must be given for discussion since this the school's strategic plan. You can't just brush it off and say change the dates! I know we are always looking for shortcuts and the strategic plan is a white elephant anyway, but I can't be making the decision as to which strategies the sectors (Curriculum, HEM and KOKO) would like to select for 2018. I wish my boss understands this. Anyway, I think we had a fruitful briefing-cum-discussion and again at 2.30 pm, a briefing with all teachers. 

I discovered that the boss might be selected to present the strategic planning to the PPD in February, so MC or not, I had to be in school yesterday.  KPJ actually gave me a five-day MC due to my joint pains post dengue fever. I'm so much better Alhamdulillah. It was the right decision to be given that MC - the longest I've ever been given. 

It will be a busy few weeks from now for me because we have agreed on the deadline: 30th January.  After that, I need to figure our how to amend the current strategic plan for 2018-2020 in line with Gelombang 2 PPPM.

At the same time I'm also training and preparing my student to take part as a paper presenter for the Johor International Student Leaders Conference. Our proposal was accepted and now we are working on the details 😁😁😁 I suddenly feel rejuvenated! Am really hoping that 2018 promises a good year and that am healthy to teach well. Ameen.

I'm also revisiting a book I co-wrote with SISC + Fuziana Ali some time back. We want to add 21st elements in it and collaborative features too. We shelved the project for about three years already I think it's time to publish it 😊

Happy teaching!

Those who can DO, Those who can do more TEACH

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