Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Idioms- A Vocabulary Lesson warmer

Tired of watching your students sit in class all the time? Well, you can make them move around a bit. In today's lesson, I did just that. Boy, were they reluctant to move 😊 Hence, this is a warmer that you can do to get them moving before teaching the beautiful phrases in English- idioms, pairs of words, similes etc.


1. Print our a list of idioms and their meanings enough for the whole class. I have 21 so it was 11 idioms and their meanings.
2. Cut them up into strips and jumble them up in a bag.
3. Get SS to each pick a strip. Half the SS will have the idioms and the other half the meaning.
4. Ask them to mingle and find their partners. Once they've found their partners, make them stand around the classroom and call each pair to read aloud their idioms and meanings.
5. Clarify any unclear idioms.
6. Now, you can continue with the handouts and lesson proper on beautiful expressions in English!

Simple isn't it? I thought about this 45 minutes before entering class and managed to google the idioms and cut them into strips. I hope my students understood what I was trying to achieve in 5 Abu Hanifah today 😊

Happy teaching peeps!

5 Abu Hanifah

They just love taking photos!

Those who can DO, Those who can do more TEACH

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